Our Donors

Northern Cambria Public Library would like to thank our generous donors. The support of our community helps the library throughout the year.

2022 Donors

Beth and Jerry Sholtis
Carol Yachtis
Cynthia M. Rematt
David and Sherry Atkins
Deborah Valeria
Deborah Weiland
Drucilla McDonald
Elizabeth Zaliznock
Frank A. Frontino
Frank and Elaine Bonanno
Jennifer Kirsch
Jim Myslivy
Joe and Esther Onderko
Kathy Knapik
Lisa Uhron
Lynn Myslivy

Maria Cantaluepo
Marilyn and Jeff Lantzy
Mary Alice Bartock
Mel Smith
Michelle Stiles
Michaelene Clemento
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gauntner
Mr. Eugene Zanella
Mrs. Patricia Ringler
Nadine Clarke
Nancy Zatorsky
Peter P. Korch, Jr. DDS
R. Gelormino
Richard A. Stossel
Rita Fisanick
Sally Chervenak
Sandy Yuhes
Steve and Mary Degol
Virginia M. Monealli
Walter and Shirley Marpman
Walter Rogal

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