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Wi-Fi (Wireless) Internet At the Library - Instructions


Cambria County Library offers free wireless access to the internet throughout the building.

Network SSID: CambriaCountyLibraryPublicWiFi


1. Read the Library's Acceptable Use Policy for Wireless Access.
2. Power up your laptop or mobile device with an IEEE 802.11b/g-compliant wireless networking card. Configure a wireless network connection per the manufacturer’s directions using CambriaCountyLibraryPublicWiFi as the SSID.
Read and accept the Terms of Use.
4. Start surfing.

After 2 hours of consecutive use, you will be asked to re-accept the Terms of Use.

Printing is available by accessing the library’s mobile printing service. Access the service by going to http://www.printeron.net/cambriacountylibrary/main.

Need Help?

Be sure your 802.11b/g wireless card is plugged in tightly to the correct slot. Look for the light on the card that indicates a signal lock.

Look for the SSID CambriaCountyLibraryPublicWiFi in your wireless card's utility program or in Windows, go to Network Properties and try "Make New Connection."

If your utility cannot scan the SSID, you can enterCambriaCountyLibraryPublicWiFi manually. You must have both a signal lock indicator on the card and a network connection using the SSID. If you don’t have these, the problem lies with your device and its wireless card operation.

You must resolve these issues for your device before moving on to the next step. Check your network card manual for information about your card.

TCP/IP configuration

In an MS DOS shell, try "ipconfig /all", "ipconfig /release", and then "ipconfig /renew". Make sure DHCP is enabled to obtain IP address automatically. Instead of a static DNS address, configure to obtain DNS automatically (dynamically). If you must manually configure DNS servers: Use and

Outbound e-mail

Due to potential spamming through this wireless service, you must send e-mail through a Web-based e-mail interface such as Hotmail or Yahoo. Your home or office ISP may also offer a Web-based e-mail interface to you.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

• Try moving to a different location on the first floor.
• Ask the staff to check with the Network Administration office regarding the wireless server status.
• Check the wireless card manufacturer's Web support page by using a Library public Internet workstation or bring your wireless card manual with you the next time you come to the library.
• To find links to product support sites, visit The Certified Product Listing provided by Wi-Fi Alliance.
• If you continue to have trouble connecting, please write down your e-mail address, the date, time, location, wireless card model information, etc. and give it to the public service staff. The staff will forward the information to the Network Administration office.


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