My name is Adam and I work in circulation at the Cambria County Library.

This spring I have thoroughly enjoyed “The House In The Cerulean Sea” by T. J. Klune. This young adult book is of the fantasy genre. The story is about a middle-aged “by the book” caseworker for the Department of Magical Youth. After he is sent to a private island to determine the level of danger presented by the six magical children and their guardian, our antagonist is faced with questions of secrecy, belonging, family and love.

Though this book is considered a “young adult fantasy novel” it is so much more. The House In The Cerulean Sea has mystery, fantasy, romance, and comedy. This is perhaps the most charming story I have ever read. Should you check out this New York Times Best Seller, you may also enjoy some of the other titles by T. J. Klune that we have at the Cambria County Library in our adult fiction section such as “Into This River I drown”, Murmuration, “The Green Creek” Series and the “Tales From Verania” Series.

Though the “House In The Cerulean Sea” is a book that could be read and enjoyed by anyone, some of the other works by Mr. Klune definitely have some adult language and situations that may be found offensive to some. All in all, I find T. J. Klune demonstrates great writing, specifically in character development, pace, and closure. As in “The House In The Cerulean Sea”, all of the works I have read by T. J. Klune display great humor, steamy romance, and accurate and positive queer representations.

I hope you check out “The House In The Cerulean Sea”. It’ll make your heart smile!