Our book bundles are a great way to enjoy your favorite genres or try something new. Our library staff work hard to find you something great!

Check out our book bundles for January:


Mutt Mysteries
5 mysterieis with a canine main character

At Ease!
4 military historical fiction novels

King of January
4 Stephen King Novels

A Miss Marple Month
4 Agatha Christie mysteries

Let it Snow!
4 winter fiction books

Winter Chills & Thrills
4 suspenseful novels from well-known authors

From the Bottom Shelf
4 books overlooked due to their inconvenient shelving location

100 Books You Should Read Before You Die
A sampling of 4 books, with a printed checklist of all 100.


True Crime
4 non-fiction books on real events

Organized at Last!
Books on time management and organization

Money Make-Over
Books on budgeting and thriftiness

New Year, New Home!
Books on cleaning, decorating, and organizing your home

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