My name is Jessie and I work at the circulation desk of the Cambria County Library.
Are you looking to start a new series?
Are you (even vaguely) interested in how England was born?
Do you love exceptional writing and well-developed plots?
Is action, tragedy, drama (with a little bit of love), or history your jam?
The Saxon Chronicles, by Bernard Cornwell, have it all!
This series follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg during the latter part of the ninth century and into the 10th, as he gets entangled in King Alfred the Great’s dream of creating a country called England.

The Saxon Chronicles consists of 13 books, but don’t be daunted! The series, narrated by the main character, follows Uhtred from childhood onward. Along the way, Cornwell masterfully develops Uhtred’s character against the backdrop of the turmoil of a budding England. The young Uhtred in The Last Kingdom (Book 1) evolves into a much different person by War Lord (Book 13).

This series was recently made into a Netflix series, and the Library owns all 4 seasons. Read the books first, then try and watch the series… you’ll find yourself saying, “The books were so much better!”

I especially enjoy the Historical Notes at the end of each novel. Cornwell takes the time to review and compare any changes he made to history in the writing of each novel.

The Saxon Chronicle series (in order): The Last Kingdom; The Pale Horseman; The Lords of the North; Sword Song; The Burning Land; Death of Kings; The Pagan Lord; the Empty Throne; Warriors of the Storm; The Flame Bearer; War of the Wolf; Sword of Kings; War Lord.

Hope you enjoy and happy reading!