With the support of new sponsors like the David A. Glosser foundation, our Next Chapter Campaign is we are close to our goal! We knew getting started that raising $70,00 would be a challenge, but that the amazing Johnstown community would pull through for us. The community has really rallied behind our project!

Supporting the Next Chapter campaign is so important. The funds raised will be used as a match for the Keystone Grant, and every dollar donated can be matched by the grant. Without campaign and grant funds, we won’t be able to complete important projects at the library. Our biggest project is replacing the HVAC unit. An energy efficient air system is essential to library operations and will help us lower the cost of our energy use, year over year. The money we save on our HVAC will go towards programs for all ages, to new resources and new books, and so much more. New equipment is important for the people we visit us at the library every day. This year we saw record temperatures, and with that we saw many people come to the library who needed a place to stay cool and out of the dangerous heat.

Libraries are one of the few spaces that are truly free to enjoy, and your support is needed to help us in our mission to connect the community with resources that educate, entertain, and empower. Will you help us write our Next Chapter?