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POSITION: District Consultant

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the provision of advisory services to all of the public libraries and library boards in the Johnstown District made up of Cambria, Indiana, and Somerset counties. Coordinates and manages services for the development of best library practices throughout the district. Acts as primary liaison between district libraries, the District Library Center (DLC), and Office of Commonwealth Libraries.

REPORTS TO: District Administrator


  1. Maintains, plans, promotes, and supervises district-wide services to libraries in the Johnstown District.
  2. Assists libraries in the preparation of state library reports, state aid plans, Library Services & Technology Act grants, Keystone Recreation, Park, & Conservation Fund grants, and other grant applications.
  3. Conducts regularly scheduled meetings and trainings for library staff and trustees in the Johnstown District.
  4. Counsels district library directors, trustees, municipal officials, and interested members of the public on Pennsylvania Library Code and other state regulations and requirements directed by Office of Commonwealth Libraries.
  5. Supports district libraries in the review and development of policies, procedures, budgets, and strategic plans to help in developing quality library services districtwide.
  6. Collaborates with District Administrator in overseeing and executing District Negotiated Agreement and creating long-term plans for excellent and equitable library services districtwide.
  7. Advises and works closely with District Advisory Council in planning for and carrying out annual operations in identifying and planning to meet the service needs of residents in the district.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree in Library/Information Science from an ALA accredited school.
  2. Minimum three years of experience in a public library environment.
  3. Supervisory and/or management experience preferred.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of modern library development and services
  5. PA State Criminal Background Check, PA Child Abuse History Clearance, and FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check.
  6. Valid PA Driver’s License and vehicle.
  7. Ability to travel locally, regionally, and across the state.

Physical Demands:

Strength and movement requirements:
  1. Considerable walking in the work area
  2. Able to sit for long periods of time
  3. Able to lift or move 30 lbs
  4. Occasional crouching (bending of the knees)
  5. Stooping (bending at the waist) and reaching
Manual/physical dexterity requirements:
  1. Able to manipulate a keyboard
  2. Able to manipulate other office equipment, such as photocopier, including filing paper trays
  3. Able to manipulate mouse or other input device (ex. Barcode scanner)
  4. Able to manipulate data cables, cords, or connections

To Apply:

Please submit a resume or in-person to Cambria County Library.

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