Library Services

Assistive Device

The library has several conveniences for sight-impaired people. One Internet access computer is equipped with a 19-inch monitor with large-size icons and type. Another computer is equipped with a MAGNI-VIEWER–a moveable magnifying screen that may be used in front of the monitor as needed.

An OPTELEC machine generously donated by the Lions Club visually enlarges items to extremely high magnification. Patrons have used the OPTELEC to view everything from their checkbooks to fine-print reference materials.

Several of the library’s public access computers were acquired through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Library Program. These computers are equipped with an accessibility profile that enables the user to customize many computer settings for selected programs. Options for people with visual impairments include a magnifier, a narrator, and display options. Options for people with mobility impairments include mouse settings, keyboard options, and an on-screen keyboard. Options for people with hearing impairments include closed captioning and sound options.

The Gates computers are also equipped with two language profiles. These profiles enable the user to change the language of the Windows desktop and interface, the interface of the Microsoft Office programs, and the visual keyboard.

Plus, the library has several mono-mice that a patron can borrow and take home. A mono-mouse is a device that will enlarge type or other printed material by passing the device over the desired material and then displaying it on your own television in larger format. They are available at the Circulation desk and may be borrowed with a current library card.

Community Meeting Room

The library’s community room may be reserved for meetings, workshops, and special events for a nominal fee. The room has a capacity of approximately 30-35 when set-up with tables and chairs and is equipped with a kitchenette, a projector screen, and a small blackboard. Other audio-visual equipment may be rented. Please contact the library secretary at 536-5131 for pricing and scheduling information.

Donation of Materials

The library accepts donations of fiction and non-fiction books and audio materials for children and adults with the understanding that any item that is not added to the collection may be sold by the library. The library does not accept the following materials: back issues of magazines and newspapers, textbooks more than 5 years old, encyclopedias, or Reader’s Digest Condensed books. The library does not appraise the monetary value of any donated item. For more information about donating materials to the library, please contact the reference department at 536-5131, extension 210.

Fax Service

The library offers out-going fax service to the public but does not accept incoming faxes for the public. Out-going faxes are charged at the rate of $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. You must request the fax service in person, except for special reference services that may be requested over the phone. Please contact the reference department at 536-5131 for details.

Genealogy Index

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Genealogy Indices

Browse our indices:

(Please use your browser’s back buttons to return to the index after opening a file.)

Government Documents

Federal government documents, as well as Pennsylvania government documents, are available at the Cambria County Library. Print copies are on display on the third floor. The basic federal government documents collection (the U. S. Code, the Federal Register, etc.) are available through a link on the library’s catalog. Many other government documents are available in electronic form and are accessible from any computer.
Everyone, regardless of age, can access these government documents at the library either in print form or electronic form with or without a library card. For more information, please see a reference librarian on the third floor.

Information for Borrower

Library cards are free to any resident of Cambria County, and can be used at any of the 14 Cambria County System member libraries and the bookmobile.

You may register for a card at the first floor circulation desk. You, or a parent/guardian, must complete an application card and show an approved identification that includes your current name and address.

If you are not a resident of Cambria County you may still obtain a Cambria County Library card. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania and have a home library card with an ACCESS PA sticker, you may use that along with approved identification to obtain a CCL card. If you do not have such a card, or are not a resident of Pennsylvania, you may apply for a non-resident card for $25.00 a year. All members of a family may use a single non-resident card.

A patron with a valid Cambria County Library card, or a valid card from another Pennsylvania public library, may borrow circulating items from the library. Most items circulate for two weeks except DVDs which circulate for one week. Many materials may be renewed for two additional circulation periods. Please contact the circulation department if you have questions about renewals. (In general, the bookmobile circulates materials for a different length of time.)

A small number of best-sellers are purchased in duplicate for a rental collection. These items circulate for two weeks and a rental fee of $1.00 plus tax is charged upon check-out.

The library also maintains a temporary collection in support of the school reading competition. Items in the temporary competition collection circulate for two weeks.

Interlibrary Loan

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) is a service that allows patrons to borrow materials from other libraries. If you can’t locate a specific title, would like additional titles by your favorite author, or need articles from a magazine, the library will attempt to get those items through ILL. The library has access to over 29 million records from more than 6,500 libraries through ILL networking.

If you would like to request materials through ILL please ask for assistance at the circulation desk on the first floor. This service is available at all Cambria County Library System member libraries.

Technology at the Library

The library has over forty computers that may be used by the public for Internet access. Many of the computers also have Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, Excel and Access) and several reference databases such as Encarta Africana, Encarta Encyclopedia, Encarta World Atlas, and Microsoft Streets & Trips. The computers in the Children’s Department have several additional educational and entertaining programs. A valid library card or a proper form of ID is required to use the public access computers. Patrons must also read the library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Wi-Fi Internet at the Library

Cambria County Library offers free wireless access to the internet throughout the building.

For instructions on connecting your wireless device to the “Hot Spot” see the Wi-Fi (Wireless) Internet At the Library – Instructions Page
Patrons must read the library’s Wireless Access to the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. A copy of the policy follows:


Cambria County Library is committed to the promotion of lifelong learning. As part of that commitment, the Library will provide free public wireless access to the diverse and unique resources available on the Internet.

1. Information available through the Internet may be protected by copyrights or trademarks. Transmission of copyrighted or pornographic material in violation of any federal or state regulation is prohibited.
2. Patrons should be aware that the Internet contains offensive material.
3. The Internet is a vast worldwide community with no limitations or restrictions. Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. The Cambria County Library is not responsible for any information obtained on the Internet. Use is at the patron’s risk.
4. Since the library is a public forum, privacy while using the Internet cannot be provided. Users are also cautioned that all transactions and communication in an electronic environment are vulnerable to unauthorized access.
5. Revealing personal information in open forums such as chat rooms and e-mail can be dangerous. Do not reveal information about yourself or others in these open forums.

1. Users of the Library’s wireless network must read the Library’s Wireless Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
2. It is a felony offense in the state of Pennsylvania “to display or cause to display any explicit sexual material…on any…viewing screen in such manner that the display is visible…in any establishment where minors, as part of the general public, may be exposed to view all or any part of such materials.” Title 18 Penna. Crime Code – Sect. 5903) Therefore, viewing of such material in the Library will not be permitted. Violation of this provision may result in the immediate termination of Internet privileges.
3. Users may not plug equipment into the Library’s computer network. Use of electrical recepticals is permitted.
4. Users are responsible for knowing how to configure their own equipment. Library staff cannot provide technical support for establishing or maintaining a connection. The Library will not support configurations and cannot be responsible for any changes made to an individual’s computer settings.
5. Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data is prohibited. This includes the uploading or creating of computer viruses.
6. Patrons may not use the Internet at the Library for any commercial or for-profit purposes.
7. Do not use the network in a way that disrupts the use of the network by others. This includes but is not limited to downloading large files and streaming audio or video.
8. Printing is available by accessing the library’s mobile printing service. Access the service by going to

1. Personal e-mail accounts are available through websites such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
2. Library staff are available for a limited amount of assistance in using the Internet, but they cannot spend large amounts of time guiding patrons through the Internet. Staff cannot provide in-depth training concerning Internet computer jargon or personal computer use, but may be able to offer searching suggestions.
3. Use of the Internet at the Library is a privilege, not a right. Any violation of the Library’s Internet policy may result in loss of library privileges and appropriate legal action may be taken. The Library reserves the right to terminate a wireless Internet session at any time.
4. Due to the ever-changing nature of these services, this policy is subject to change without notice at the library’s discretion.

Policy approved by the Cambria Library Association Board of Directors on March 8, 2006.

Laminating Service

The library offers a laminating service to the public. Paper items will be permanently heat-sealed in plastic laminating film. Items must be taken to the circulation desk on the first floor where they will be measured and a fee collected, starting at a minimum of fifty cents. The fee must be paid at the time the item is left. Items brought in by 7:30 PM Thursday will be ready for pick-up by noon Friday.

Ways to assist your Library

While the library receives most of it’s funding from Cambria County and the State of Pennsylvania, there are ways you can help your library. Donations may be made to have an item placed in the library in memory of a loved one.

**this section is under construction**

Click here for a printable memorial form.

Items may also be purchased to honor an individual or an occasion through the “Adopt-A-Book” program.

Click here for a printable Adopt-a-Book form.

Other ways to make a contribution with a lasting beneficial effect include making a direct donation to the Permanent Trust Fund, managed through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, or including a bequest in your will. Leaving a legacy to a non-profit organization you care about benefits the entire community.
Contributions of your time are also appreciated. Call the library at 536-5131 about opportunities to volunteer. Also, please consider joining our support group, the “Friends of the Cambria County Library.”

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.

Perpetual Trust Fund — Direct Donation or Make a Bequest

Sponsor Our Annual Fundraising Event – A Little Night Music @ the Library

Join the Friends of the Library

Mobile Hotspots Lending Program

The Library HotSpot Lending Program is designed to provide a means for library patrons to access high-speed Internet service.

The Library HotSpot Lending Program allows library card holders to access high-speed Internet service anywhere a T-Mobile cell phone signal can be received. This means a Library HotSpot will allow you to connect your devices (up to 15 at a time including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) to INTERNET!

Brochure with instructions

Acceptable Use Policy

Rental Time Frame Cost
Rental Fee $5.00*
$1.00 per calendar day
(7 day minimum/28 day maximum)
$7.00* to $28.00*
Total Fees $12.00*-$33.00*
*Plus applicable sales tax
There is no refund for early HotSpot device return.
How to Borrow
  • Come to the Cambria County Library Reference Department with your library card and government-issued I.D. Note: A valid library card is in your name with less than $5.00 in fines. If you do not have a library card start your registration through the catalog.
  • Must be an adult aged 18 or older.
  • You may have one (1) check-out per household.
  • Choose a Rental Time Frame. A minimum of 7 days up to 28 days usage, (no renewals). The device will not work beyond the chosen lease time.
  • First time rentals will be limited to 7 days and must be paid in cash. The HotSpot may be returned by end of next business day for full refund if T-Mobile service is insufficient. Visit to see how service is in your area.
  • Read and agree to T-Mobile’s acceptable use policy which prohibits pirating, illegal downloads, viewing child pornography, etc.
  • The HotSpot may only be used in the continental United States.
  • You can reserve a HotSpot through the Library online public access catalog (OPAC) the same way that library materials are placed on reserve. Access the Cambria County Library catalog at You will be contacted when a HotSpot is available.
  • The HotSpot must be returned to staff at the CCL Reference Department (do not put the device in a book drop).
  • After you return a HotSpot device, you can get back on the reserve list to rent again. The Library has limited HotSpots available, so reservations will be filled in the order they are received.
  • Late Fees: $2.00 per day late fee will be applied up to $50.00. After 7 days your Library account will be blocked and replacement fees will be assessed. The fees are outlined in your lease.
  • You are responsible for all materials associated with the Library Hotspot and will be expected to pay for the loss or damage to a device or components.
Usage Questions or Problems

The HotSpot will come with instructions. However, if you are in need of assistance, the reference staff is available in the Reference Department or by phoning 814-536-5131 ext. 210


Genealogy & Reference Services

Genealogy and Reference Services Research Policy

Currently, until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we cannot provide obituaries or any other materials not available online.

As staff time allows, the reference department can provide photocopies of obituary and marriage notices from the Johnstown (PA) Tribune, its successor, the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, and the Ebensburg Sky. No other local newspapers are available for genealogical research.

Digital copies and/or photocopies of obituary and marriage notices from these papers can be provided by the Reference Department. Library volunteers have indexed death notices and marriage announcements from the Johnstown papers for the years 1853 to the present. The online indexes posted by an independent researcher are temporarily unavailable, but an index search can be completed by one of our reference librarians. Call 814-536-5131, x210, or email If your person is found in the index, the cost per each record pull (obituary or marriage notice) requested is $5.

If you have an exact date of a marriage or death which does not appear to have been indexed and the death or marriage occurred in the area covered by the Johnstown newspaper, we will attempt to locate an announcement or article for you in the event that it was overlooked when the index was compiled. The library cannot refund any money if your information is not found since the fee is charged for the time spent in research.

Volunteers have also indexed death notices and marriage notices from the Ebensburg Sky for the years 1831 – 1837.

The following fees will apply for each name requested:

  • Photocopy from a year covered by library’s index — $5.00
    (Approximate year must be included with request)
  • Photocopy if EXACT date is known but is not indexed — $5.00
    If the month and year of death is known but not the day, we can search through one month of microfilm for a charge — $10.00

If you do not have an exact date for the years not covered by our indexes, library staff will NOT be able to search for you because this would involve going through a whole year of newspapers day by day.

News articles from the Johnstown Tribune and the Ebensburg Sky can be copied for a $5.00 charge only if the date is known since there is no subject index for either newspaper.

Only a limited amount of other research can be provided by library staff. Pages from city directories, telephone books, local histories, records from our microfilm index citations, etc. can be photocopied for a $5.00 research fee if an exact citation is given. When time must be spent in searching for a topic, a $20.00 per hour charge will be incurred.

Please address all queries to
Cambria County Library
Attn: Reference Department
248 Main Street
Johnstown, PA 15901

With your requests for research, please include a check payable to the Cambria County Library, or call us at 814-536-5131, ext. 212 to make payment by phone.

If you wish, in-depth requests may be sent to a local genealogy researcher. Although the library does not endorse or recommend genealogical or historical researchers, a list of people willing to do local searches can be provided upon request. Each individual will provide information on fees when contacted.

Library staff will be happy to assist you in using any genealogy or reference materials if you wish to visit the Cambria County Library. Check our hours on the library home page.

Library Tours

The library staff will give tours of the library upon request. For school groups call Leah Johncola, Head of the Children’s Department at 536-5131, extension 205. For civic groups (for example, Scouts, Rotary, etc.) call Esther Vorhauer, Head of Reference, at 536-5131, extension 210.

Resources & Tools

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