Follow our guide on how to get started with Northern Cambria Public Library’s Summer 2021 Reading Challenge. The three challenge groups are “Pre-readers/Early Readers,” “Independent Readers,” and “Tweens/Teens.”

Each participant will receive a prize bag at the end of the challenge, August 14, and the top readers in each group will receive a special prize!

Register for Northern Cambria Public Library’s Beanstack Challenge HERE.

Go to the reading challenge website

  1. Type “” into the web-browser

  2. Scroll down and click “Register an Individual or Family”
    If you are already registered from last year, click “Sing In” and login with last year’s account information.
    Adults should register young children.

  3. You will be prompted with this question.
    If yes, follow the instructions to log in using previous years’ credentials.
    If no, continue with this tutorial.

  4. If a child can read/write and use computers independently, then they can register themselves.
    Otherwise, click “I am an adult registering a child”

  5. Fill out the form on the page and click “Next.”

  6. You will end up on you personal Summer-Reading Challenge Page

    From here, you can log books/hours/activities, write reviews of books, view badges earned, view your reading log and see the challenges for your reader group. (Determined by age via the sign-up form)

    Let’s Log our first book, activity or minutes! Click the green “Log Reading [Minutes] and Activities” button at the top left corner.

  7. You will land on this page with a calendar marking the day you are logging.

  8. Scroll down and fill out the information for each field.

    When typing in a book title, the field may suggest a title and author (as seen below), which you can click on to auto-fill the rest of the fields. If it doesn’t pop up, you can manually type in the information.

  9. If you would like to leave a review, mark the field “Yes” and click Log.
    (If not, skip the steps for reviewing and make sure the field is marked “No”)

  10. If the fields aren’t auto-filled, then type the Book Title and Author. In the text-box below, type your review. Reminder, these will be visible to all participants.

    When finished, click “Save,” then click the “x” in the top righthand corner.

    You can view, edit or delete your reviews later by clicking on the “Reviews” button on the homescreen.

  11. You will land back on the Reading Log page.

    From here, you can log more books (following the steps above), view titles logged (by clicking the button above the calendar) or click on the other pages above.

  12. The “All Titles Logged” page will show you each book your read, or every activity/minutes completed.

  13. The Challenges page will show you current (selected by clicking the “Current” tab on the top right), past or ignored challenges for your reading group.

  14. If you scroll down the Challenges page, you can see your overall progress and recently-earned badges.

    The overview shows you how many badges you have earned, how much you have completed the challenge so far (books read, minutes read, etc.) completed activities (which you can log the same way as logging books) and if you earned any certificates.

    A certificate is earned by completing the overall book/minute/activity count for each group.

    All Badges can be viewed by clicking the “Badges button” or “All Badges”

  15. Badges will be earned for various tasks, from logging books/minutes/activities, to writing reviews, signing-up and the like. However, the main goal of each reading group (to receive a completion certificate) is as follows:

    Pre-Readers/Early Readers = read to child, participate in learning activities, craft or play for 400hrs total. Plus, log at least 5 activities.

    Independent Readers = Read a total of 720 minutes.

    Tweens/Teens = Read 12 books.

For more information and help, click HERE.

For information on how to use the mobile app., click HERE.

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