June 15, 2022 at 4 PM 

Call to Order/Attendance 

Recognition and Presentation of Visitors 

Approval of Consent Agenda 

Approval of May 2022 Meeting Minutes 

Director’s Report 

Treasurer’s Report 

New Business 



Board Appreciation 

Old Business 

Policies Review (Subject to deliberation) 

Budget (Subject to deliberation) 

Staffing Scenarios (Subject to deliberation) 

Library Signage Project Update 

Board Member Recruitment Updates 

Safety and Maintenance 

Basement Project Update 

Gittings Update  

Electrical Project Updates 

Emergency Repairs Update (Subject to deliberation) 

Lot Project (Subject to deliberation) 

Financial Committee  

Corporate Gifts Correspondence Updates 


Summer Bash Raffle Updates 

July Meeting Date 


Executive Session