The Cambria County Library has been a fixture of Main Street, Johnstown for over 50 years, proudly serving our community from the David A. Glosser Memorial Building. Through decades of the building’s growth and change, it has remained our mission to deliver resources that educate, entertain, and empower generations of library users. In the coming months, you’ll see several long-awaited renovations that will improve the safety, operation, and aesthetics of our building. These prioritized projects will ensure that the library remains an inviting, functional space in which to serve you.

With these crucial updates in place, we are focusing on innovative changes that will serve library users into the future. We need your support to complete several important projects that will improve our building and expand the services that we offer. Your gift will help us to modernize these collections and spaces throughout the library:

  • Digitization of our historic collection of Tribune-Democrat microfilm rolls | Dating back to 1853, this priceless collection is in critical need of preservation. Digitization will safeguard this valuable resource, while making it more widely available to the public.
  • Parent & child resource area | This area will provide a dedicated space for adults to use a computer to complete critical tasks like job applications while their young children play safely.
  • Cell phone booths & charging stations | One of the greatest needs expressed by patrons and staff is a space for phone use that provides both privacy and noise management, as well as charging stations for mobile devices.
  • STEM-inspired learning tools | Our children’s department is addressing the needs of students of all ages and abilities with the addition of sensory Storytimes and several digital learning programs, including ABCmouse.

The library has always been a trusted source for information, diverse programming, and access to technology for children, teens, and adults. Your donation will enable us to continue bringing valuable updates to the library and our many services. Thank you for helping us to fulfill our mission and build a legacy for our community.


Ashley N. Flynn, Cambria County Library Director