Children Support Staff

The Children’s department at Cambria County Library is expanding and seeking an enthusiastic and child-oriented staff member. The new position will assist with a new after-school feeding program, provide great service to patrons on the children’s floor, and support other Children’s Department tasks. The new feeding-program is a grant-funded opportunity for the library to help reduce the impact of child hunger in our region, while providing children with entertaining and educational program opportunities.

Our Children’s Department Staff play a vital role in our mission: to connect our community with resources that educate, entertain, and empower.


  1. Assist in preparing materials, activities, and snacks for programs, including the after-school feeding program.
  2. Assist in implementation and clean-up of programs, including the after-school feeding program.
  3. Receive, shelve and, organize children’s collection materials.
  4. Serve patrons by helping to select and locate children’s materials
  5. Operate Evergreen circulation software to check out computers for use by patrons.
  6. Answer department phone and any questions regarding children’s department operations.
  7. Perform opening and/or closing procedures to ensure the department is in order.
  8. Willingness to help in any other daily operations necessary to the successful running of the library.
  9. Other duties as assigned


  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Work experience with children
  3. Ability to communicate and work well with children, families, and library staff
  4. Strong computer skills 

Physical Demands

  1. Strength and movement requirements
    • Considerable walking in the work area
    • Ability to sit for long periods of time
    • Ability to lift or move 30 pounds
    • Occasional crouching (bending of the knees)
    • Stooping (bending at the waist) and reaching
  2. Manual / Physical Dexterity Requirements
    • Ability to manipulate a keyboard, mouse, and other computer input devices (ex. Barcode scanner)
    • Ability to manipulate data cables, cords, or connections
    • Ability to manipulate button and touch-screen operated equipment such as photocopier or telephone
    • Ability to manipulate a library cart

To Apply

Applicants may submit an email to Cambria County Library or view and apply on Indeed.