Worry less. Read More.

The Cambria County Library System is dedicated to making borrowing items fast and convenient. Starting June 1st, all libraries in Cambria County will offer Autorenewal. Without the stress of juggling due dates and having to call in or go online to renew items you can worry less, and read more.

How Autorenew works:

  • Eligible items will renew twice, automatically
  • Each renewal is for an additional 2 week period, just like regular renewal periods are now.
  • Eligible items include books, audiobooks, CDs, and more
  • You’ll receive an email update when your items renew

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my items didn’t renew?

About 24 hours before a due date, you will receive an email that includes a list of what items renewed and what items didn’t. The email will include a due dates for all items. If an item didn’t renew, a reason will be included to tell you why. The two most common reasons items may not renew are if they are on hold to be borrowed by another patron, or if the maximum number of renewals has already been reached.

What items are not eligible for autorenewal?

Each library in the Cambria County Library is a little different, so check with your local library’s borrowing policies on DVDs, Hot Spots, and other technology. Most items that are limited to 1 week borrowing periods, like Board Games, are not eligible for renewal.

What do if I don’t have an email address?

If you don’t have an email address, we suggest you continue to call your library and check if items are renewed or if they are due on their original due date. You can also log into our Online Catalog to check on the renewal status of your items.