Logo shows a cartoon pointing at the words Tumble Math

TumbleMath is a collection of animated and narrated math picture books covering K-5 math concepts using stories and literature to reinforce concepts. This resource is now available with the help from our partners at the CSB2 STEM Ecosystem.

With TumbleMath, picture books fall into one of three categories:

1. Fundamental math picture books are based soley around a math concept.

2. Embedded math picture books have the math embedded into the story, and the plot stands alone.

3. Connected math picture books that do not have math concepts in place but teachers can make connections to math through think-aloud activities and class discussions.

Books are accompanied by lesson plans and thousands of quizzes created by math teachers, searchable by Common Core standards.

CSB2 STEM Ecosystem school and library access to TumbleMath is made possible by a PAsmart grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, Governor.

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