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New Adult Fiction

Call NumberTitleAuthor
F ADEA spell of good thingsAdebayo, Ayobami
F ADJDaughter in exile : a novelAdjapon, Bisi
F AREVAMPS : fresh bloodArend, Nicole
F ATWOld babes in the wood : storiesAtwood, Margaret
F BAISecretly yours : a novelBailey, Tessa
F BARThe writing retreat : a novelBartz, Julia
F BEADeath of a traitorBeaton, M. C.
F BELThe personal assistantBelle, Kimberly
F BENBetter the blood : a Hana Westerman thrillerBennett, Michael
F BEREarth’s the right place for love : a novelBerg, Elizabeth
F BLAPicture in the sandBlauner, Peter
F BOXStorm watchBox, C. J.
F BROBlack candle women : a novelBrown, Diane Marie
F BROThe light pirateBrooks-Dalton, Lily
F CAMLove, Clancy : diary of a good dogCameron, W. Bruce
F CARAn autobiography of skinCarr, Lakiesha
F CARThe ivory tombCaruso, Melissa
F CARThe quicksilver courtCaruso, Melissa
F CAUThe survivalists : a novelCauley, Kashana
F CHAThe adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi : a novelChakraborty, S. A.
F CHEVampire weekendChen, Mike
F CHRFor twice in my lifeChristie, Annette
F CHUCursed bunnyChung, Bora
F COBI will find youCoben, Harlan
F COMThe spite house : a novelCompton, Johnny
F COMMidnight duet : a novelComfort, Jen
F COOIn it to win itCooper, Sharon C.
F CREThe new life : a novelCrewe, Tom
F CROStone cold foxKoller Croft, Rachel
F DAIA Calder at heartDailey, Janet
F DeLWell traveledDeLuca, Jen
F DEVThe vibrant years : a novelDev, Sonali
F DIVIndependence : a novelDivakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
F DONLiar, dreamer, thiefDong, Maria
F DOUScorched graceDouaihy, Margot
F DUMA history of fear : a novelDumas, Luke
F ELLBright and deadly thingsElliott, Lexie
F ELLIt’s one of usEllison, J. T.
F ELLThe keeper’s sixElliott, Kate
F ELSThe daughters of IzdiharElsbai, Hadeer
F ENGThe faraway world : storiesEngel, Patricia
F FADThe Sunshine Girls : a novelFader, Molly
F FENSkull water : a novelFenkl, Heinz Insu
F FLOMy last innocent year : a novelAlpert Florin, Daisy
F FLYWitcha gonna do?Flynn, Avery
F FRIThe Opportunist : a novelFriedman, Elyse
F GARA mother would knowGarza, Amber
F GOOSam : a novelGoodman, Allegra
F HALThe Twyford code : a novelHallett, Janice
F HAMSmolderHamilton, Laurell K.
F HARThis other Eden : a novelHarding, Paul
F HARWe Knew All AlongHardy, Mina
F HARBack in a spellHarper, Lana
F HARFrom bad to cursedHarper, Lana
F HAVFake money, blue smoke : a thrillerHaven, Josh
F HAYStone blind : a novelHaynes, Natalie
F HEIReally good, actually : a novelHeisey, Monica
F HEMThe world and all that it holdsHemon, Aleksandar
F HOLMurder your employerHolmes, Rupert
F HOSHungry ghosts : a novelHosein, Kevin Jared
F HUNMake a wishHunting, Helena
F JACA dash of salt and pepperJackson, Kosoko
F JANCollateral damage : an Ali Reynolds mysteryJance, Judith A.
F JEMEmpty theatreJemc, Jac
F JOHBad Cree : a novelJohns, Jessica
F JONEssex dogsJones, Dan
F KANThe last invitation : a novelKane, Darby
F KAPThe ingenue : a novelKapelke-Dale, Rachel
F KAPAge of viceKapoor, Deepti
F KENBlack wolf : a novelKent, Kathleen
F KOIVintage contemporaries : a novelKois, Dan
F LACBeyondLackey, Mercedes
F LACInto the westLackey, Mercedes
F LIPMs. Demeanor : a novelLipman, Elinor
F LIPNo one left to come looking for you : a novelLipsyte, Sam
F LOUThe key to my heart : a novelLouis, Lia
F MAThe Chinese groove : a novelMa, Kathryn
F MAKI have some questions for youMakkai, Rebecca
F MALThe book of everlasting thingsMalhotra, Aanchal
F MANScatterlings : a novelManenzhe, Rešoketšwe
F MARLooking for JaneMarshall, Heather
F MARWhat lies in the woodsMarshall, Kate Alice
F McCStella MarisMcCarthy, Cormac
F McDOn the savage side : a novelMcDaniel, Tiffany
F McDHopelandMcDonald, Ian
F McFThe sun walks downMcFarlane, Fiona
F McGLost in the moment and foundMcGuire, Seanan
F MEYThe love scribeMeyerson, Amy
F MINMoonrise over New Jessup : a novelMinnicks, Jamila
F MOOWild MassiveMoore, Scotto
F MOUHomesteadMoustakis, Melinda
F MOYSomeone else’s shoesMoyes, Jojo
F MUKThe dream builders : a novelMukherjee, Oindrila
F NEWThe terraformersNewitz, Annalee
F NKRWade in the water : a novelNkrumah, Nyaneba
F NOVRubble of rubles : a novelNovakovich, Josip
F O’COMy father’s houseO’Connor, Joseph
F OLSThe reunion : a novelOlson, Kayla
F PARThe circus trainParikh, Amita
F PATCountdownPatterson, James
F PAT3 days to livePatterson, James
F PEYNight wherever we go : a novelPeyton, Tracey Rose
F PYLThe end of drum-time : a novelPylväinen, Hanna
F REHRoses, in the mouth of a lionRehman, Bushra
F REYThe house in the pines : a novelReyes, Ana
F ROSA fire endless : a novelRoss, Rebecca
F ROSA river enchanted : a novelRoss, Rebecca
F RUFLovecraft Country : a novelRuff, Matt
F RUSVictory city : a novelRushdie, Salman
F RYAThe house guestRyan, Hank Phillippi
F SALAngels of the resistanceSalazar, Noelle
F SALThe sense of wonder : a novelSalesses, Matthew
F SANThe lost metalSanderson, Brandon
F SANCollected works : a novelSandgren, Lydia
F SCHAfter Sappho : a novelSchwartz, Selby Wynn
F SCOThings we never got overScore, Lucy
F SHAA day of fallen nightShannon, Samantha
F SHERiver sing me homeShearer, Eleanor
F SHRThe bandit queens : a novelShroff, Parini
F SMICold people : a novelSmith, Tom Rob
F SMIA dangerous businessSmiley, Jane
F STEWorthy opponents : a novelSteel, Danielle
F STEMargot.Steavenson, Wendell
F STEEveryone in my family has killed someoneStevenson, Benjamin
F STIConan : blood of the serpentStirling, S. M.
F SULA guide to being just friends : a novelSullivan, Sophie
F TCHChildren of memoryTchaikovsky, Adrian
F THOIn the upper countryThomas, Kai
F TUDThe drift : a novelTudor, C. J.
F VERStealing : a novelVerble, Margaret
F VERThe spice master at Bistro ExotiqueVérant, Samantha
F WIBDo I know you?Wibberley, Emily
F WILGone like yesterday : a novelWilliams, Janelle M.
F WINThe white lady : a novelWinspear, Jacqueline
F WINDecent people : a novelWinslow, De’Shawn Charles
F YAMCity under one roofYamashita, Iris
F ZELThe dressmakers of Prospect Heights : a novelZeldis, Kitty
F ZIGSmall worldZigman, Laura
F ZISBombay MonsoonZiskin, James W.
LP BRAPiece by pieceBradford, Laura
LP BRAKokopelli’s songBratcher, Suzanne
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New Adult Non-Fiction

Call NumberTitleAuthor
005.8 RICPegasus : how a spy in your pocket threatens the end of privacy, dignity, and democracyRichard, Laurent
152.4 KELAwe : the new science of everyday wonder and how it can transform your lifeKeltner, Dacher
152.41 SHE8 rules of love : how to find it, keep it, and let it goShetty, Jay
153.733 MARAttention span : a groundbreaking way to restore balance, happiness and productivityMark, Gloria
158.128 CHEI’m no philosopher, but I got thoughts : mini-meditations for saints, sinners, and the rest of usChenoweth, Kristin
179.3 NUSJustice for animals : our collective responsibilityNussbaum, Martha C.
203.5 IYEThe half known life : in search of paradiseIyer, Pico
302.1 WALThe good life : lessons from the world’s longest scientific study of happinessWaldinger, Robert J.
305.26 MAGThe Swedish art of aging exuberantly : life wisdom from someone who will (probably) die before youMagnusson, Margareta
306.362 WOOMaster slave, husband wife : an epic journey from slavery to freedomWoo, Ilyon
320.12 CRAThe edge of the plain : how borders make and break our worldCrawford, James
327.127 POPCode name Blue Wren : the true story of America’s most dangerous female spy–and the sister she betrayedPopkin, Jim
327.2092 TAUIn the nation’s service : the life and times of George P. ShultzTaubman, Philip
362.292 LEVDrinking games : a memoirLevy, Sarah
362.5 KIDRough sleepersKidder, Tracy
362.734 GUIWhat white parents should know about transracial adoption : an adoptee’s perspective on its history, nuances, and practicesGuida-Richards, Melissa
363.33 AUSBloodbath nationAuster, Paul
364.134 PARA few days full of trouble : revelations on the journey to justice for my cousin and best friend, Emmett TillParker, Wheeler
364.36 HOBChildren of the state : survival and hope in the juvenile justice systemHobbs, Jeff
365.974 RAYRikers : an oral historyRayman, Graham A.
539.7 LEVWhat’s gotten into you : the story of your body’s atoms, from the Big Bang through last night’s dinnerLevitt, Daniel
539.72 SHEThe matter of everything : how curiosity, physics, and improbable experiments changed the worldSheehy, Suzie
591.5 YONAn immense world : how animal senses reveal the hidden realms around usYong, Ed
610.696 WILHow medicine works and when it doesn’t : learning who to trust to get and stay healthyWilson, F. Perry
612.68 BREJellyfish age backwards : nature’s secrets to longevityBrendborg, Nicklas
616.85 HENLife on delay : making peace with a stutterHendrickson, John
616.99 VARFor blood and money : billionaires, biotech, and the quest for a blockbuster drugVardi, Nathan
641.5092 REGFieldwork : a forager’s memoirRegan, Iliana
641.5951 KUWin Son presents a Taiwanese American cookbookKu, Josh
641.82 OLIOneOliver, Jamie
641.822 CESThe discovery of pasta : a history in ten dishesCesari, Luca
796.42 FLEGood for a girl : a woman running in a man’s worldFleshman, Lauren
814.54 VReckoningV
824.914 TOIA guest at the feast : essaysTóibín, Colm
910.45 GRAPirate enlightenment, or the real LibertaliaGraeber, David
940.53 HURIn the garden of the righteous : the heroes who risked their lives to save Jews during the HolocaustHurowitz, Richard
941 WOOTudor England : a historyWooding, Lucy E. C.
941.085 LOWCourtiers : intrigue, ambition, and the power players behind the house of WindsorLow, Valentine
970 DODOn savage shores : how indigenous Americans discovered EuropeDodds Pennock, Caroline
973 KRUMyth America : historians take on the biggest legends and lies about our past
973.804 WILI saw death coming : a history of terror and survival in the war against ReconstructionWilliams, Kidada E.
B CHIShirley Chisholm : champion of Black feminist power politicsCurwood, Anastasia Carol
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New Juvenile Fiction & Non-Fiction

Call NumberTitleAuthor
BOARD BOOK BOYPeekaboo Rex!Boynton, Sandra
BOARD BOOK CHAVegetables in pajamasChapman, Jared
BOARD BOOK SEUI am the Cat in the Hat.
BOARD BOOK SLAI take care of my kittenSlack, Michael H.
E CURTell me again about the night I was bornCurtis, Jamie Lee
E DOEBeneathDoerrfeld, Cori
E DUNJust like a mamaDuncan, Alice Faye
E GALMy new mom & meGalindo, Renata
E LEVWhat should Danny do?Levy, Ganit
E LOPThe best family in the worldLópez, Susana.
E McLThe kissMcLaughlin, Eoin
E McLWonderful you : an adoption storyMcLaughlin, Lauren.
E MUHThe kindest red : a story of hijab and friendshipMuhammad, Ibtihaj
E O’LEA family is a family is a familyO’Leary, Sara
E PIZMister Kitty is lost!Pizzoli, Greg
E REYCreepy crayon!Reynolds, Aaron
E ROSWe wanted youRosenberg, Liz.
E STRVery good hatsStraub, Emma
E THOThe red blanketThomas, Eliza.
E YOLHow do dinosaurs learn to be kind?Yolen, Jane
J 305.896 BROMy Selma : true stories of a Southern childhood at the height of the civil rights movementBrown, Willie Mae
J 306.3 ALEAn American storyAlexander, Kwame
J 362.73 GARThe journey to Max : an adoption storyGarcia-Halenar, Christopher.
J 362.73 GURA kids book about adoptionGurske, Leul
J 362.73 McCHappy Adoption Day!McCutcheon, John.
J 362.733 NELFamilies change : a book for children experiencing termination of parental rightsNelson, Julie
J 362.734 COOFoster care : one dog’s story of changeCook, Julia
J 362.734 NELKids need to be safe : a book for children in foster careNelson, Julie.
J 592.64 OWEDarwin’s super-pooping worm spectacularOwen, Polly
J 623.4 BERBomb : graphic novel : the race to build–and steal–the world’s most dangerous weaponSheinkin, Steve
J 974 WALA is for AffrilachiaWalker, Frank X.
J BURThe infinite questions of Dottie BingBurnham, Molly B.
J COOMystery at mermaid lagoonCook, Katie
J KENKimchi & calamariKent, Rose.
J KORThe superteacher projectKorman, Gordon
J LOWThe leaf detective : how Margaret Lowman uncovered secrets in the rainforestLang, Heather
J NIENo fixed addressNielsen-Fernlund, Susin
J OSBRhinos at recessOsborne, Mary Pope
J POLWorld made of glassPolonsky, Ami
J REYDragonboyReyes, Megan
J STEBeaky Barnes : egg on the looseStein, David Ezra
J SWIWhat happened to Rachel Riley?Swinarski, Claire
J WEIThe famously funny Parrott : four tales from the bird himselfWeiner, Eric Daniel
LEVEL 2 LANGrumpy monkey the egg-sitterLang, Suzanne
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New Young Adult

Call NumberTitleAuthor
YA ADLAt midnight : fifteen beloved fairy tales reimaginedAdler, Dahlia
YA ALVFriends like theseAlvarez, Jennifer Lynn
YA ARMNightbirdsArmstrong, Kate J.
YA BLKThe stolen heir : a novel of ElfhameBlack, Holly
YA BROPromise boysBrooks, Nick
YA CASSeasparrowCashore, Kristin
YA CHIChildren of Ragnarok : the Runestone sagaChima, Cinda Williams
YA CLAChain of thornsClare, Cassandra
YA CLIFor LambCline-Ransome, Lesa
YA DANThe strandedViner-Daniels, Sarah
YA DENThe LuminariesDennard, Susan
YA DEOBloodmarkedDeonn, Tracy
YA ERNA wilderness of starsErnshaw, Shea
YA FUSCruel illusionsFuston, Margie
YA GARFriday I’m in loveGarrett, Camryn
YA GIBSee no colorGibney, Shannon.
YA HAMWe deserve monumentsHammonds, Jas
YA HASThe buried and the boundHassan, Rochelle
YA HIBHighly suspicious and unfairly cuteHibbert, Talia
YA IBRSpice roadIbrahim, Maiya
YA JACFive surviveJackson, Holly
YA JOHNine liarsJohnson, Maureen
YA LANLumaraLanders, Melissa
YA MARThe DavenportsMarquis, Krystal
YA MAXThe shattered cityMaxwell, Lisa
YA McBWe are all so good at smilingMcBride, Amber
YA MIXThe ones we burnMix, Rebecca
YA MUSAll that it ever meant : a novelMusariri, Blessing
YA NAYEverything sad is untrue : (a true story)Nayeri, Daniel
YA PAIThe do-overPainter, Lynn
YA ROWScattered showers : storiesRowell, Rainbow
YA TASThe love matchTaslim, Priyanka
YA THO16 & pregnant : a novelThomas, LaLa
YA UNDAlways the almost : a novelUnderhill, Edward
YA WINAs you walk on byWinters, Julian
YA WOLCharmWolff, Tracy
YA WOOMy flawless lifeWoon, Yvonne
YA YOUSaint : a novelYoung, Adrienne
YA ZARHouse of yesterdayZargarpur, Deeba
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New DVDs

Call NumberTitleMPA Rating
DVD ABB S.1Abbott Elementary. The complete first season
DVD ANGAngry Neighbors
DVD ATT S1.S 2.The flight attendant. The complete seasons 1 & 2
DVD BLABlack Adam
DVD DETDetective Knight : redemption
DVD EUP S.1 S.2Euphoria. Complete seasons 1+2
DVD FABThe Fabelmans
DVD GODGod’s country
DVD I WAWhitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody
DVD LONThe loneliest boy in the world
DVD OUT S.6Outlander. Season six : The heart of the storm
DVD POKPoker Face
DVD PUSPuss in boots. Last wish
DVD ROGRogue agent
DVD SHEShe said
DVD SPISpin me round
DVD SPOSpoiler alert
DVD STRStrange world
DVD VIOViolent night
DVD WAKBlack Panther. Wakanda forever
DVD YOU S.3You. The complete third season
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