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Our Mission

It is the mission of the Lilly-Washington Public Library to be the focal point for the community’s access to all types of information through the skills of the employees, excellent customer service and by integrating technology into library operations.


Getting a Library Card

Library cards are free to any resident of Cambria County, and can be used at any of the 14 Cambria County System member libraries.

To apply, users must complete an application and show a current government issued ID that includes the user’s current name, photograph, and address.

PA Residents who do not live in Cambria County may still obtain a Cambria County Library card. Residents who have a current library card from their home library with an ACCESS PA sticker may present their card and valid photo ID at any Cambria County System Library to obtain a Cambria County Library Card. 

PA Residents who do not have a home library may pay a non-resident fee to obtain a Cambria County Library System card. Check with your local library for pricing. Residents from unserved areas of Indiana County may obtain a card to access materials at the Cambria County Library, located in Johnstown, at no cost. This arrangement is possible because Indiana County is part of the Johnstown District.


Borrowing Materials

Materials may be borrowed from and returned to any Cambria County Library System member library. 

Books from any Cambria County Library System member library will circulate for 2 weeks. Items may be renewed online, at the library, or over the phone. Books may typically be renewed twice. However, if the item is on hold for another patron, it will not be renewable.

Some items are available for different borrowing periods and may include a rental cost. At Lilly-Washington Public Library, these items include DVDs, which may be borrowed for 1 week and have a late fee of $2/day.

Overdue Fees

Items with a standard two week loan period will result in a $0.25 charge per item, per day overdue. Patrons who owe more than $5 in fines will be prohibited from borrowing materials or using library computers until the fine is paid below $5.


Lost or Damaged Items

Items that are not returned to the library within 90 days will be charged for the cost of the item and a $5 processing fee. Patrons will also be charged replacement and processing fees for items that are returned in a damaged state. The Cambria County System member libraries may work with the local magistrate to recover the cost of lost or damaged items.


Rules of Behavior

 The Lilly Washington Public Library is to be used for library purposes only.  Any behavior which interferes with such use or which is not consistent with such use is not permitted.


The following behavior is not permitted because it interferes with the use of the library by others, is a health or safety hazard or because it is not consistent with the mission of the library. Failure to comply will result in charges of trespassing.


  • No sleeping, playing games and/or other activities which interfere with library uses.
  • No using the library in bare feet.
  • No smoking or consuming food or beverage in the library.
  • No playing audio equipment so that others may hear it.
  • No bathing the public restrooms.
  • No using rollerblades, rollerskates, skateboards or other sports equipment in the library or on library property.
  • No blocking aisles so that access to library materials and services is prevented.
  • No loitering.
  • No entering unauthorized workspaces or office area.

    The following will result in criminal charges:

  • Loud, abusive, aggressive, threatening or obscene language and /or behavior  (Disorderly Conduct).
  • Destroying or damaging library books, library materials, furniture or other property  (Criminal Mischief).
  • Using or distributing drugs  (Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance).
  • Circumventing or attempting to circumvent the library Security system  (Library Theft:  Summary Offense/Misdemeanor).

Tampering with, altering, editing or damaging computer hardware and/or software  (Unlawful Use of Computer).

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