We appreciate your interest in making a donation to the library. Without the generous support of community members like you, we would be unable to provide important programs and services that help our community connect, discover, and thrive. 

We provide several options for donating to the library.


Donate through Network for Good

Donate directly to Highland Community Library through Network for Good to positively impact the library both directly and immediately. Network for Good provides secure management of recurring and one-time donations.


Annual Fund Drive

Our annual direct mail appeal seeks donations from residents in our service area and helps support the important programs we offer all year long. The fund drive letter is sent to addresses in the 15904 zip code, but you’re welcome to donate if you live outside of our service area and use our library! View our 2019 Fund Drive Letter Here.

We appreciate the support of our 2020 Donors, thank you for your important contributions. 


Purchase a Brick

Highland Community Library invites you to become a permanent part of our Outdoor Patio Project. Your gift of $100.00 will provide one 4” x 8” engraved commemorative brick for our patio border.

Engrave your custom brick with:

  • Your family name
  • Your children’s names
  • Your company or organization’s name
  • A memorial to a loved one or a pet
  • A commemoration of a special occasion
  • An inspirational message or a literary quote


Purchasing a brick is easy — send in the order form with your preferred text and a check, or visit the library to fill out an order form and pay with cash, check or credit card.

Highland Community Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your brick purchase is tax deductible. Bricks must be ordered in batches of ten, so your patience is appreciated. Order now to ensure your dedication to the library is memorialized in our patio walkway!

Check out our brochure for more information about the Outdoor Patio Project and ordering a brick.


Donations may be made to have an item placed in the library in memory of a loved one, or to honor an individual or an occasion. You can request an Adopt-a-Book form at the library.


TRL Sponsorship

For $150, you can be a monthly sponsor of our popular Teen Reading Lounge. Contact Ashlee at 266-5610 or highland@cclsys.org for more information about how you can make a positive impact on the lives of local teens by becoming a TRL sponsor.


Rummage, Book & Bake Sale

Each August, we hold a Rummage, Book & Bake Sale during Richland Community Daysl. Your purchases at our sale benefit our library!


Amazon Smile

If you’re anything like us, you use Amazon to make all kinds of purchases (especially books!). If you purchase through AmazonSmile, please select Highland Community Library, and Amazon will send us a portion of your purchase at no cost to you.


Name the Library in your Will or Living Trust

You can arrange a bequest in your will or living trust and ensure that the Library provides our patrons with free and open access to the educational materials and resources they need to improve their lives for themselves and for their families. 

There are different types of bequests: 

Specific Bequest: A specific bequest is a gift of a particular dollar amount or property. For example: I bequeath (dollar amount or description of personal property) to Highland Community Library.

Residuary Bequest: The most common and simple to designate, a residuary bequest is a gift of all or part of the property remaining in your estate after debts, expenses and specific bequests have been paid. You control what percentage of your estate is given to an individual or charity. This method automatically adjusts the size of your bequest according to the value of your estate. In the event of unexpected changes in the size of your estate value, you can have peace of mind that your intentions will be fulfilled without the estate running out of assets to distribute. For example: I bequeath (___%) of the rest, residue and remainder of my property, both real and personal, to Highland Community Library.

Contingent Bequest: A contingent bequest is a gift which takes effect only if the primary beneficiary or beneficiaries of the bequest should predecease you. For example: If neither my spouse nor any descendant of mine survives me, then I give, bequeath and devise all the rest, residue and  remainder of (property or account) to Highland Community Library.


Consult with your attorney or other advisors to make sure that the gift you choose makes sense as part of your overall estate plan.

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