Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Highland Community Library is to empower our community by providing opportunities to connect, discover, and thrive. 


Vision Statement

Highland Community Library will be the vibrant and vital heart of our community, recognized as a trusted resource for literacy, enrichment, and lifelong learning. We will anticipate and respond to the community’s changing needs, develop strong community connections, and prioritize innovation and excellence in library services. 



Core Values 

Access: We provide pathways to information and tools for empowerment that are readily, equally, and equitably accessible to all library users.

Service: We provide an excellent, user-centric library experience to all with professionalism, respect, compassion, and inclusiveness.

Community: We actively engage in the life of our community, facilitate meaningful connections among community members, and address community ambitions, interests, and concerns through sustainable partnerships.

Lifelong Learning: We champion the pursuit of lifelong learning that is social, participatory, interest-driven, and relevant for people of all ages.

Innovation: We pursue new and innovative avenues to offer creative, modern library services that engage, enlighten, and inspire our users. 


Resources & Tools

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330 Schoolhouse Road
Johnstown, PA 15904-2924

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