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Prints and Copies:

$0.20 for black and white pages, $0.35 color pages.

Printed Photographs: $0.50 for half-page prints, $1.00 for full-page prints. 


$0.10 per page. Users must bring their own USB drive to save materials. 




Fax Service:

$1.00 per page
Outside of 814 area code: $2.00



$1.00 per 8×11 sheet




The Northern Cambria Public Library has a microfilm reader and access to the Barnesboro Star Newspaper from 1905 – 2007.

Digital Literacy Help

The staff at Northern Cambria Public Library are available to help with digital literacy support, including basic computer and internet use, help with new devices, and learning about the digital resources provided by our library.  It is important to note that our staff cannot perform certain tasks, including data entry or graphic design. We are able to connect users to resources for help completing forms, designing artwork, and other needs; but cannot perform these tasks for you. 

To get started, fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up a 30 minute appointment.

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Using Computers at Northern Cambria Library

The Northern Cambria Public Library has  5 computers and two iPads available for use inside the library. Headsets are available upon request. Patrons will need to provide flashdrives or other media if they need to save material from a computer at the library.

  1. All users must be a registered library patron.
  2. A one-hour time limit per day applies to all users. Abusers will give up computer privileges if asked to leave the computer and they do not comply.
  3. You must have your own email account to use email on the library computers. Free email accounts are available through Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
  4. Anyone accessing inappropriate information from the internet will be asked to leave the library and forfeit library privileges. The librarian has the option to turn off computers at any time they deem necessary.
  5. Do not go into any options to change settings, passwords, etc. Anyone who changes options will not be permitted to use the computers in the future.
  6. Anyone who is disrupting others in any manner by actions, noise, and cell phones, etc, may be asked to leave the computers.
  7. No students will be permitted the use of the library computers during school hours, if school is in session. We will not be party to truancy.

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