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Our Mission

To provide and encourage the use of library resources and services where Beaverdale Public Library can best meet the evolving education, recreational, and informational needs of all the residents of Beaverdale and surrounding areas, thus enhancing individual and community life. 

Getting a Library Card

Register Online for a Library Card

Library cards are free to any resident of Cambria County, and can be used at any of the 14 Cambria County System member libraries.

To apply, users must complete an application and show a current government issued ID that includes the user’s current name, photograph, and address.

PA Residents who do not live in Cambria County may still obtain a Cambria County Library card. Residents who have a current library card from their home library with an ACCESS PA sticker may present their card and valid photo ID at any Cambria County System Library to obtain a Cambria County Library Card. 

PA Residents who do not have a home library may pay a non-resident fee to obtain a Cambria County Library System card. Check with your local library for pricing. Residents from unserved areas of Indiana County may obtain a card to access materials at the Cambria County Library, located in Johnstown, at no cost. This arrangement is possible because Indiana County is part of the Johnstown District. 

Borrowing Materials

Materials may be borrowed from and returned to any Cambria County Library System member library. 

Books from any Cambria County Library System member library will circulate for 2 weeks. Items may be renewed online, at the library, or over the phone. Books may typically be renewed twice. However, if the item is on hold for another patron, it will not be renewable.

Some items are available for different borrowing periods and may include a rental cost. At Beaverdale Public Library  these items include:

Movie Rentals: Movies 1.00 per day plus tax, 

4 Day Weekend Rental: 2.25 plus tax, Fri thru Mon,

3 Day Weekend Rental: 1.75 plus tax Sat thru Mon


Additionally, some items are available to purchase at the library. 

Booksale prices: Hardback books .50 each plus tax

Paperback books .10 each plus tax

Puzzles 1.00 each plus tax


Overdue Fees


Items with a standard two week loan period will result in a $0.25 charge per item, per day overdue. Patrons who owe more than $5 in fines will be prohibited from borrowing materials or using library computers until the fine is paid below $5.


Lost or Damaged Items

Items that are not returned to the library within 90 days will be charged for the cost of the item and a $5 processing fee. Patrons will also be charged replacement and processing fees for items that are returned in a damaged state. The Cambria County System member libraries may work with the local magistrate to recover the cost of lost or damaged items.


Acceptable Use Policy



Beaverdale Public Library is committed to the promotion of lifelong learning. As part of that commitment, the Library will provide free public access to the diverse and unique resources available on the Internet.  


  1. Information available through the Internet may be protected by copyrights or trademarks. Transmission of copyrighted or pornographic material in violation of any federal or state regulation is prohibited. 
  2. Patrons should be aware that the Internet contains offensive material. Library computers utilize filtering software. The library can not warrant the effectiveness of Internet filtering.
  3. Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Beaverdale Public Library is not responsible for any information obtained on the Internet. Use is at the patron’s risk. 
  4. Since the library is a public forum, privacy while using the Internet cannot be guaranteed. Users are also cautioned that all transactions and communication in an electronic environment are vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  5. Revealing personal information in open forums such as chat rooms and e-mail can be dangerous. Do not reveal information about yourself or others in these open forums.
  6. Parents and guardians may restrict their children from access to Internet resources available through the library.
  7. The library provides wireless Internet access on a limited support basis. For further information please see the “Cambria County Library Acceptable Use Policy Statement: Public Wireless Access to the Internet.” 



    1. Users must have a current Cambria County Library System card. Visitors (as determined by the library) may use a proper form of ID, on a temporary basis. Users under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian approval to use the Internet, which will require an in-person visit by the parent/guardian. Approval is indicated on the minor’s library record. 
    2. Computers are signed out at the public service desks. The library has the right to assign computers and impose time limits. Patrons may not change workstations unless a problem arises with the computer. Please notify the staff if the computer is not working properly.   
    3. Users, or the person signing for the user, must read the library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Any person signing for a user is responsible for explaining this policy to the user.

It is a felony offense in the state of Pennsylvania “to display or cause to display any explicit sexual material… on any… viewing screen in such manner that the display is visible… in any establishment where minors, as part of the general public, may be exposed to view all or any part of such materials.” Title 18 Penna. Crime Code – Sect. 5903) Therefore, viewing of such material in the Library will not be permitted. Violation of this provision may result in the immediate termination of Internet privileges. 



    1. Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data is prohibited. This includes the uploading or creating of computer viruses. Hardware and software may not be modified or destroyed. Users may not turn equipment off, change settings or circumvent security.
    2. Installing programs is prohibited.
    3. Saving files to the hard drive is prohibited. Saving to, or accessing files from, removable media or personal devices is permitted at the user’s own risk. The library cannot offer technical support when problems occur with such devices.


  1. Patrons may not use the Internet at the Library for any commercial or for-profit purposes.
  2. Patrons may not use the network in a way that disrupts the use of the network by others. This includes but is not limited to downloading large files and streaming audio or video. 
  3. Patrons are responsible for the cost of all of their printouts. Please pay at the Reference, Information, or Circulation Desks.  
  4. Computer use must be completed 10 minutes before the library closes.  



  1. Access to the Internet is offered in the Children’s Room for children through sixth grade. All patron responsibilities apply. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using the Internet. The library will offer Internet access to patrons 7th grade and up in the Adult Department.
  2. Parents or guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Parents or guardians may restrict their children from access to Internet resources available through the library. Parents or guardians are advised to supervise their children’s Internet sessions. 



  1. Personal e-mail accounts are available through websites such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.  
  2. Library staff is available for a limited amount of assistance in using the computers, but they cannot provide in-depth training.  
  3. No more than two people may use an Internet workstation at one time. The patron who signed out the computer is responsible for operating it. 
  4. Gambling and instant messaging sites are blocked. Some game sites are blocked.
  5. Use of computers at the Library is a privilege, not a right. Any violation of the library’s acceptable use policy may result in loss of library privileges and appropriate legal action. 
  6. This policy is subject to change without notice. 


Policy adopted August 27, 1997 by the Cambria Library Association Board of Directors.

Revised September 29, 2009.



Computer Use Rules

  1. You must sign in at the librarian’s desk before using computers.
  2. No food or drinks allowed in the library at any time.
  3. No profanity.
  4. One person at the computer at a time.
  5. No inappropriate or pornographic material on computers.
  6. Noise and voices must be kept at a minimum!

Patrons may be asked to leave and may have additional computer use privileges revoked if they are unable to comply with the computer use policy. 

Rules of Behavior


The Beaverdale Public Library is to be used for library purposes only. Any behavior which interferes with such use or which is not consistent with such use is not permitted. Click Here for our full Behavior Policy. 

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