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Volunteer at the Portage Public Library 

The Portage Public Library welcomes volunteers to help with different tasks, including assisting with or providing storytime and Summerquest programs. Volunteers are also needed to help with library operations, including shelving books, cleaning, and other tasks as needed. Volunteers must be 12 years or older. Minors must have a completed Volunteer Authorization form signed by a parent or legal guardian to volunteer at the library.

All volunteers will be required to complete PATCH, Child Abuse History Clearance, and FBI Fingerprinting background checks. PATCH and Child Abuse History clearances are free to volunteers and can be completed on the PATCH Website and the PA Child Welfare Website. The FBI Fingerprinting fee(s) are not covered by the library. 

Volunteers should reach out to the Portage Public Library director to discuss how to help the library. 

Friends of the Portage Public Library 

While the library does not currently have a Friends of the Library group, if you are interested in becoming involved please contact the Library Director. Additional information on Friends of the Library groups can be found at the American Library Association.



Donating Items to the Portage Public Library

The Portage Public Library welcomes donations from the public, with a few limitations. The Portage Public Library will accept books, dvds, and other media that are in a clean undamaged state. Items cannot be torn or have mildew, stains, or other forms of damage. The Portage Public Library cannot accept magazines, dictionaries, textbooks, or encyclopedias. Items must be donated directly to the library, and cannot be dropped off outside of library hours. 

Donating items to support the Portage Public Library

The Portage Public Library accepts donated items for our annual book sale, and basket raffle. The Portage Public Library has an ongoing wish list of items needed for the library, which can be obtained by contacting the library. 

Governance at Portage Public Library

Our library is supported by a team of passionate community members who serve on our Board of Directors. To keep the public informed on monthly board meetings, you can view our Board Meeting Agendas online.  


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